Why Scarab

Scarab boat builders have a forty year track record of building some of the finest boats in the world for our friends in Billerica, Carlisle, Bedford, and beyond. This pride of craftsmanship and experience is built into your Scarab for a lifetime of boating pleasure. Our design team carefully considers and hand selects every component that goes into your boat. From the highest quality hand crafted interior materials and stitching, stainless steel hardware and opulent comfort throughout, you'll appreciate your Billerica Motorsports Scarab for a long, long time. Start in Billerica, Massachusetts and then take to the water.

Detailed Craftmanship

Every Billerica Motorsports Scarab provides you and your passengers the most comfortable available for all day fatigue-free boating. All Scarab interiors are stitched with the highest quality textured materials that glitters in the sunlight. Adjustable back rests let you be seated in the cockpit as well as lounge on the swim platform. Your passengers will all have ample legroom to sit comfortably during your days on the water.

Advanced Safety

Billerica Motorsports Scarabs are designed from the ground up so you will always enjoy care free days on the water. With Rotax® Jet Power, you do not need to worry about a propeller when swimming or skiing near the boat. You also have peace of mind knowing that your Scarab has a very shallow draft allowing you to avoid below water obstructions and the ability to safely navigate the lakes around [location] and [location].

Touch Screen Command Center

Scarab's optional Touch Screen Command puts all of your boat's key functions right at your fingertips. Everything you need to know about your engine's operating information are all at your helm. There's also a mode selection for how you will be running your boat - ski, cruising, cruise control and docking profiles are available. You can quickly monitor the air and water temperature, and operate a media board.

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Billerica Motorsports Testimonials

Peter Edson

Very pleasant, down to earth. One of the last family owned operations. Extremely accommodating..Well worth a visit!!

Jonathan Herbster

Have used these guys many times for anything from small parts to service on my snowmobiles. Service was fantastic with great communication. Store is well stocked and has quality gear.

Dan Gill

Bought my first dirt bike there. Great service then and now. Check it out

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